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Father-son team!

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Aquariums for Beginners gives you all the information you need to set up and care for your new aquarium. We have pages dedicated to all aspects of fish keeping, because our mission is to encourage responsible fish keeping. We’ve also included tips and lists of our favourite aquarium products. You can find out almost anything you want to know about specific fish tanks, decorations, aquarium supplies, species of fish, and plants on our site.

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About Us

When you choose to buy your aquarium supplies through our links, we earn affiliate commission to continue the work we do. Aquariums for Beginners is a father and sons team, who cares about responsible fish keeping and want to give you the tools to keep a beautiful, healthy tank.

Dad has kept both saltwater marine and freshwater tropical aquariums for over 40 years and knows all the tricks in the book. He is the author of Marine Fish and Corals for the Complete Beginner. His new book,Tropical Fish for the Complete Beginner, will be out soon.

Sons are fish and reptile enthusiasts and have been since they were young. They are both avid scuba divers, marine biologists, and researchers. One of the sons is currently doing a PhD in Marine Biology, which focuses on marine litter, and is also the founder of a registered UK marine conservation charity.

We hope this site will guide you through the beginning stages of your new-found hobby. The site is constantly updated, so check back to see the latest tips and reviews of the newest products.