Aquarium Heaters

Aquarium heaters are the most overlooked pieces of equipment within an aquarium set up. It’s obvious to tell what this does by its name. Maintaining the correct water temperature for your fish is vital. Fish are cold blooded, which means they cannot regulate their internal body temperatures like we can. They completely rely on the external temperature to maintain their internal functions. As fish keepers, it is our responsibility to ensure that we keep the water at the correct temperature. This will ensure optimal health for your tank.

What temperature is best for my aquarium?

The temperature at which you keep your aquarium will depend on the type of aquarium you would like to set up. The best temperature range to maintain your fresh water aquarium is between 21 – 25 degrees Celsius (70 – 77 degrees Fahrenheit). At this temperature, not only will your fish thrive, but your aquarium plants will too. Your fish tank temperature range will change if you keep a saltwater aquarium. You should aim for a temperature between 74-80f (23.3-26.6c) whether you are keeping a fish-only saltwater aquarium or a reef saltwater aquarium

How do I control my temperature?

To prevent fluctuations in water temperature you should purchase a thermostat. Some heaters come with a built in thermostat that can be adjusted by turning a dial on the end of the heater. However, we prefer a separate unit. This option gives you greater flexibility, as it regulates your heaters. In response to your pre-programmed settings, the thermostat will either quickly work to increase the temperature in your tank or use chillers to cool it down.

Is one aquarium heater enough?

For small aquariums, one aquarium heater is probably enough. For larger tanks, you may need more than one heater to maintain the temperature. We do, however, suggest keeping an extra heater lying around. If your heater breaks down, then you have a second heater on hand in order to prevent your water cooling down, which can happen quicker than you think. Try not to put this off for too long – the time you’ll need is the time you don’t have it! For a larger tank, you may consider installing two heaters in your tank for security – more on this below.

How big should my aquarium heater be?

For a 200 litre aquarium, you will require a 200 watt heater. We mentioned above that you may want to install two aquarium heaters. So, in a tank that requires a 200w heater, you could purchase two 100 w heaters to split the work. If one went out, then you’d have another to maintain the temperature well enough until you could purchase another one. Similarly, if you need a 300w heater, then install two 150w aquarium heaters and so on. Of course, you do not need to install two heaters if you do not wish to do so. However, do remember that in the event of your heater failing, your water could quickly cool down. One last thing to add is that if your room is cold, then you purchase a bigger heater than you actually need. A cold environment can put a lot of stress on the heater.

TIP: Never place the heater in a place that can run dry.




Good makes include Interpet Deltstherm, Eheim, Hidom HT-2100 Blastproof.