Aquarium Plants

Aquarium plants not only make your aquarium look beautiful, but more importantly they will keep your water parameters more stable. Live aquarium plants will without a doubt make your tank healthier. Water plants are important, as they produce oxygen into the water through a process called photosynthesis. (More general information after the links.)

Types of Aquarium Plants

They absorb carbon dioxide, ammonia (the ultimate fish killer), reduce algae build up, and breakdown waste materials in you aquarium water. Adding a variety of plants to your aquarium is the best thing you can do to help keep a stable aquarium. The better arranged the aquarium, the happier the fish. Plants are very important if you are thinking of breeding. They provide fish and fish fry with places to retreat.


The term used for planting your aquarium is known as aquascaping. If carried out correctly, not only will the plants make your fish happier, but they can be a good source of food for grazing fish. Aquascaping your aquarium is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying parts of this hobby, especially if you have young children. It teaches them home building, husbandry, parts of a plant, plant growth and care skills, along with the science side of the hobby, like learning the Latin names for each plant.

There is an overwhelming amount of plants to choose from. They come in a variety of colours, sizes, shapes, and textures. Try to plant with the tallest at the back and gradually get smaller as you move to the front. Put your plants as deep in the gravel as you can. Some plants already come in planted pots. You can use weights to hold down loose plants. It might be a good idea to study other aquariums to get and idea of the different ways to aquascape your tank.