Buying and setting up your new aquarium can be daunting, because you’ll need quite a few supplies to keep it running properly. There are so many different types of things on the market. It can be difficult to know where to start. We’ve provided a few links below to get your started. Below the links, you can find more general information.

It’s VERY IMPORTANT to be aware that freshwater tropical aquariums require different supplies to saltwater marine aquariums. You may find some cross over in the types of supplies you’ll need. You might also find that some supplies have been manufactured to suit both freshwater tropical and saltwater marine aquariums. In any case, always make sure to check before you buy.

Freshwater Tropical Bare Essentials

Aquarium, stand, filter, filter media, heater, thermostat, lights, thermometer, substrate, water conditioner, net, magnetic glass cleaner, fish and plants.

Saltwater Marine Bare Essentials

Aquarium, stand, filter, filter media, heater, thermostat, lights, protein skimmer, refractometer, thermometer, substrate, water conditioner, salt, net, magnetic glass cleaner, fish, live rock (aquaroche), and corals.

The lists may seem like they contain a lot of supplies, but they act as a reminder that keeping fish is a commitment. Keeping a fish is like keeping any other pet. It is essential that you purchase good quality supplies and that you don’t skip over the essentials. Quality supplies will last longer, improve the ease of maintaining your tank, and improve the quality of life for your fish. We are not in the business of encouraging your to over buy. We want to provide you with the information to create and maintain the best aquarium possible.